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Zhejiang 500 kV Yongkang Smart Substation successfully put into operation

Publication Date:2016-04-28

On April 28th, Zhejiang 500 kV Yongkang smart substation integrated by XJ Group Corporation was successfully put into operation. This project, as one of the solutions to bottleneck projects of west-east long-distance power transmission, provides up to 40 billion kWh of UHV electrical energy per year, effectively guarantees the grid stability during the full load operation of three DC projects of SGCC, and also lays a solid foundation for power supply for G20 Summits to be held in Hangzhou.It is XJ's first 500 kV smart substation system integration project in Zhejiang Province. XJ provides an overall substation solution including station level equipment, bay level equipment, process level equipment, anti-error system, online monitoring devices, and network analysis devices, etc., to achieve system advanced functions involving the unified access, storage and display of information, sequential control, remote browse, alarm direct transmittal, and smart alarming, etc.