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135 village level PV power stations completely undertaken by XJ are put into operation

Publication Date:2017-06-19

As the last two village level PV power stations put into operation and combined to the grid-Caijia village and Djingping village at twenty-five past sixteen, June 15th, the EPC project-completely undertaken by XJ-total 135 village level PV power stations-SGCC Poverty Relief Project in Dongba County and Shennongjia forest area, Hubei are fully completed and put into operation. SGCC has invested about 457 million RMB to build 236 PV power stations with 200kW capacity respectively in 236 villages in Hubei. XJ has undertaken 118 power stations in Dongba County and 17 in Shennongjia, which help more 96,000 families to get rid of poverty.